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Box of Balloons is a nationwide non-profit organization run mostly by volunteers determined to ensure...

Each Birthday is Happy and
Every Child is Celebrated!


Giving a child a birthday party helps them: 

  • Understand the passage of time

  • Create family bonds

  • Celebrate their unique identities

  • Improve social skills

  • Build a sense of self-worth

  • Grow their creativity and imagination

  • Practice gratitude and appreciation

  • Instill a sense of tradition and ritual

  • Feel hopeful during a challenging time

Among the 74 million children living in the United States

11 million live in poverty

(Source: The State of America’s Children® 2023)

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Together with thousands of volunteers across America, we give children a birthday celebration and provide joy and hope to children and their families despite their situation, living conditions, or financial status. 

Join us TODAY and help us ensure EACH birthday is happy and EVERY child is celebrated!

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