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Northwest, Arkansas

Thea || Chapter Leader

Hey guys! My name is Thea and I lead Box of Balloons NWA. My husband, Luke, and I have lived here for the past 7 years and have fallen in love with the Natural State. We met in college and moved here after both getting jobs with Walmart Home Office headquartered in Bentonville. Luke works as a planner and I've been in HR strategy since joining the company. In our free time, we love hiking the trails around here, hammock camping by waterfalls, volunteering with our church, grabbing brunch at Mirabella's, and spending time with our three pets (Rita the Shih Tzu, Juniper the Wheaten Terrier, and Bennie the cat).


I am passionate about loving our community well, and Box of Balloons has provided me the opportunity to do just that! A birthday box is more than a collection of decorations and cake. It represents a spark of hope for a struggling parent and their child. With the help of volunteers and donors, we've delivered over 90 birthday boxes and I hope you will consider joining us on this mission!

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