May 26, 2020

We have been brainstorming 8th birthday party ideas for a few months now as my youngest has his birthday in May. He always appreciates a great theme and has been very creative in the past with a pickle party, a banana theme and a Dragon's Love Tacos party. This year he was pretty set on a 8 is Great circus theme with cotton candy, carnival games and The Greatest Showman movie. However since quarantine happened and we knew we wouldn't be able to invite family and friends over as normal creativity had to kick it into high gear. We changed the theme to 8 is Wheely Great and turned it into a bike party so friends could "bike on by" for a piece of cake and wish him a Happy Birthday. 

 As I scoured Pinterest for ideas I was surprised to find very few bicycle birthday party ideas. There were some dirt bike ones and BMX ones but not too much for regular bicycle. Al...

May 8, 2020

Unemployment is at an all-time high. Schools and child care providers are closed. Events canceled. Even just going out for groceries is scary. Moms are being forced to carry this all with a smile on their faces. During these tough times, she's burdened with being a good: Mother. Colleague. Teacher. Chef. Friend. Therapist. ALL at the same time!

Times are tough but Moms are too!

I barely know what day it is anymore, but PSA THIS SUNDAY, May 10th is Mother's Day! As Box of Balloons reflected on this upcoming holiday, we knew we had to do something special for the moms we serve!

Box of Balloons is a behind the scenes organization that empowers parents, most often mothers, by giving them the opportunity to be the hero and provide an amazing birthday celebration and memory for their child. We want the moms to take the credit for the party and get all of the love,...

April 22, 2020

Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week!!! This is one of the most special weeks here at Box of Balloons as we are a volunteer run organization. Box of Balloons exists because of volunteers and children are being celebrated each week thanks to volunteers. Every single one of our chapters across the country is led by volunteers and every birthday box has been made possible because of a volunteer. 

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart. " ~Elizabeth Andrew

Many of our volunteers are parents who are working either in the home or out, many have several other commitments and are involved with their community in multiple ways. All of our chapter leaders are busy but have said YES to this volunteer opportunity and are celebrating children in their community who otherwise would not be celebrated. 

Here at Box of Balloons who believe a...

April 16, 2020

During this time of uncertainty when all in person events have been cancelled, businesses are closed, sports are cancelled and public schools are now meeting virtually, there is one thing that isn't cancelled...kindness! There are still so many ways to throw kindness around like confetti even from the safety of your own home. Each week I am trying to implement a kindness activity for my kids and I to do together not only to boost the spirit of others but us as well. It feels good and uplifting to be kind to others and make them smile. Confetti Snail Mail was our project for the week and we had so much fun! 

Everyone loves get snail mail but a confetti lined envelope and card with bright colored confetti pieces inside is even better. We gathered the following supplies, all of which we had around the house:

-Cardstock for note cards (we cut them to be 4x6) 


April 8, 2020

As sad as we are here at Box of Balloons to have our in person events postponed we are so thankful for the ways we can connect with you virtually! One of those ways is through Virtual Story Time. If you are like me you are at home juggling work, virtual learning, constant meal prep, trying to keep the house in tact and maybe a little sleep if you are lucky. So I set up a reading nook, my kiddos gathered all their favorite stuffed animals and we scheduled a time for kiddos to listen to the Box of Balloons children's book giving parents a few minutes to breathe. 

The Box of Balloons children's book was written as a way to spread awareness for our mission and teach children everywhere a lesson on kindness. The entire idea of Box of Balloons was inspired by children and the joy they get from a themed birthday party. Box of Balloons, the book, was a passion proj...

July 2, 2019

As we approach the biggest birthday of the year for our nation, I thought it appropriate to share one of the most creative birthday box themes we have done so far! Box of Balloons was founded in Sun Prairie, WI where we started serving one elementary school but now serve all nine elementary schools, a homeless shelter for women and children and an early childhood resource agency. Our Sun Prairie, WI chapter continues to be one of our busiest chapters and continues to receive some of the most unique, creative theme requests. This American History themed request for a little boy named Andrew turned out fantastic filled with red, white and blue splendor! 

Each birthday box we give has a party game or activity for the birthday child and their friends. This presidential bingo looks perfect for Andrew and his party guests. 

These party favors are spectacular,  I a...

June 4, 2019

Sunshine, swimming, playing and campfires all signs of the beloved summer season. Seeing my kids laugh and run on a summer day is the best. We try to pack as much fun as we possibly can into the three months of summer and this year Box of Balloons is here to help provide S’More Fun!

Every summer Box of Balloons hosts a family friendly challenge, a way to not only spread awareness for our mission a way to engage kids and families together for fun. This year we are partnering with the Department of Natural Resources to help celebrate Smokey Bear’s 75th birthday. We teamed up to celebrate 200 children in need, children who otherwise would not be celebrated. Sticking with this outdoors/nature theme for the year we invite you to join us for “S’More Fun This Summer”.

Each week Box of Balloons will publish a challenge, something to find, do or participate in for y...

May 5, 2019

Happy Cinco de Mayo! As an organization who believes wholeheartedly in celebrations, Cinco de Mayo festivities give us a great reason to decorate, party and have fun. Many of our birthday boxes we give include piñatas as they make the perfect party game for most ages! Walmart has been on top of their party game lately with a huge selection of piñatas, everything from unicorns to tacos to Starbucks drinks, they are all adorable and so festive! This weekend I, Nicole Moll- founder of Box of Balloons, gathered a group of friends to make DIY piñatas at Revel in Madison, WI. Revel is an adult craft bar with the most delicious cocktails, prettiest decor and big long white tables just begging for you to get glitter and glue all over them! 

All of the supplies and instructions were provided for us with a variety of piñata options. I chose the cactus shape while my...

April 15, 2019

From the beginning we have always said, “Box of Balloons...And So Much More” because a birthday party is so much more than balloons and cake. A birthday is a day of love, hope and joy and provides a child in need with confidence, self-esteem and positive self-worth. For a family in need, a family struggling to survive this simple day of celebration, cake and smiles may be the hope and encouragement they need to continue on. There are many ways for people to help us at Box of Balloons celebrate kiddos in need with one of those being supply drives. Yes people are collecting and donating balloons, plates, gifts and decorations but when put together into a birthday box it becomes so much more. Recently a kiddo celebrating his own birthday asked friends and family to donate supplies for Box of Balloons in honor of his day.

Not only is Box of Balloons so much mor...

April 3, 2019

Not that we need a holiday to celebrate but today is World Party Day! World Party Day is based on the idea that peace is not the opposite of war, merely its absence. The real opposite of war is party, and World Party Day aims to synchronise a massive, world-wide party to celebrate everything that’s good and optimistic. So today we celebrate all the good happening here at Box of Balloons! 

Our vision here at Box of Balloons is to have a chapter in every single state. There are thousands of children across the country in need and who will not be celebrated this year if we do not step in. This year we have set a goal to open 12 new chapters in 12 new states. We intentionally selected states where the need is high and no one is celebrating birthdays for these children. One of our goal states for the year is Arkansas and I am so thrilled to announce we have...

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