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The mission of Box of Balloons is to spread a little kindness and celebration into the lives of all children. Recently, our Portage, WI chapter received a birthday box request from the American Family Children's Hospital in Madison. Sweet Jackson just turned five and requested a Thomas the Train 5th Birthday Party. When Box of Balloons receives a birthday box request, a sign up form is sent to the members of that local chapter. Volunteers sign up to provide decorations, party games, basic supplies like plates/napkins, party favors, cupcakes, and a gift for the child. The supplies are collected and packed into a birthday box. The box is delivered to the family to celebrate their child's birth

A little about Box of Balloons

Let’s face it. As momma’s our kids are our world, and we all like to give them the very best of whatever we can. We laugh with them, cry with them, cheer for them, teach them and above all we love to celebrate them. And once a year, they get a day to call their own. Their birthday; and they can’t wait for their birthday celebration! Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to count our blessings every day. To stop amidst the craziness that is our busy lives, and look at all that we have and to be thankful. To some of us, it is hard to imagine the inability to give your child a simple birthday celebration but to many that is their hard reality. In 2012, Madison Wisconsin, had more than 881 homel

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