Caterpillar Cupcakes

Looking for a fun, creative cake but don’t have the money to order one from the local bakery? Consider making your own. Here are some quick tips on how to make a caterpillar cake! This cupcake formation would be great for a bug-themed party or a party based on the book: Very Hungry Caterpillar. As you tackle this, remember that caterpillars are not perfect so if things don’t turn out perfect, your child will still love it! Here are the things you’ll need: Cake mix Frosting Food Coloring (Blue and yellow) Pull and Peel Twizzlers Lifesaver gummies Toothpicks (optional) Coconut (optional) Directions: Make your cupcakes according to the cake mix box. Only fill the cupcake tins half-way so they h

Why I Volunteer/Give Back and How

The following is an essay written by Emery Churchill, 13. She is one of our kid volunteer for Box of Balloons and wrote this essay for Kids Helping Kids. Her essay is very inspiring and we wanted to share it with you! Have you ever thought about, or even helped out a non-profit organization? Well, I have, and it is one of the best feelings ever! I believe everyone should volunteer and give back in their lives because you can give back to the community and it will give back to you, you can meet new people, and it is super easy to do with organizations like Box of Balloons! Overall, I believe everyone should volunteer and give back in their lives! Through giving back to people, I have realized

3 Indoor Activities that Kids Love

Are your kids bored? Is the weather uncooperative? Is your creativity exhausted? Here are a few activities that can entertain your kids for hours (hopefully) and you can find most of these things around your house! That being said, while they may keep your kids busy for a bit, these do require a little more cleaning up. Shaving cream on the windows or counters. Roll up your child’s sleeves, put them in an apron and spray some shaving cream onto a window or the kitchen counter and let him/her play with it. Have them draw pictures in it or practice writing their letters and numbers. Your child may feel that this unusual activity would normally be a forbidden activity (you’re getting things mes

Leadership Spotlight: Jamie Copeland

Meet Jamie, our Birthday Bash Coordinator. To learn more about Birthday Bashes from past years, go here and here. We will have more news coming about this year's birthday bash so stay connected on Facebook and Instagram! Read the interview below to learn more about Jamie! How (and why) did you get involved with Box of Balloons? ​ I learned about Box of Balloons at a summer festival, and instantly feel in love with the organization's mission! Birthdays have always been a big deal for my family, and I want other families to be able to feel the same joy our family experienced as we took time to celebrate. I also believe that we need to take every opportunity to make children feel celebrated and

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