Birthday Traditions You Can Start Today

Our tagline here at Box of Balloons is "and so much more" because we all know a birthday celebration is more than balloons and cake. A birthday celebration is a day of hope, love and positive memories that can last a lifetime. For a child, a birthday celebration can help boost their confidence, self-esteem and foster positive peer relationships. In addition, for a family in need, a birthday celebration may be the one small positive thing they need to keep going. For these reasons birthday traditions can be so important! Birthday traditions can create lasting memories for children that they then can pass on to their children. Whether the tradition is small, always having vanilla cake with cho

Every. Mom. Celebrate!

Here at Box of Balloons we believe in empowering moms and caregivers. Box of Balloons is a "behind the scenes" organization, intentionally. We want to give moms in need the opportunity to blow up balloons, light the candles and sing happy birthday to her own child. As volunteers we could set up big lavish themed parties and see the smiles and receive the thank you's but we do not want that, we instead want the children we are serving to thank their mom or caregiver. For the families we are serving there are not a lot of happy moments in their week, month or even year. The stress at times can be unbearable and decisions are having to be made daily that most of us can't imagine. I can't imagin

Taco Bout A Party

With Cinco de Mayo coming up this week I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite birthday parties I was able to give my youngest son. Two years ago Brenner was turning four and he loved the book "Dragons Love Tacos" so we had a taco birthday party! Party guests enjoyed a taco bar, taco cookies, dragon cookies and candy from the taco pinata! The best way to start planning a party is to pick a theme and colors, for this particular party we went with yellow, red and orange so I tried to find candies and snacks all in those colors. Party favors are always one of my most favorite elements to a birthday party, I love making something very themed specific. For our Dragons Love Tacos par

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