DIY Confetti Popper

Thank you for joining us under the big top for Box of Balloons’ Birthday Bash. Good news! - The party hasn’t ended yet. We invite you to make a DIY Confetti Popper with some of supplies in your party favor, and other supplies you can find around the house. Supplies in your party favor: -Balloon -Confetti Supplies to find around the house: -Empty Toilet Paper Tube -Duct Tape or Other Strong Tape -Scissors -Markers, Construction Paper, or Washi Tape *Optional Step 1: Knot the open end of the deflated balloon, like you would if you blew it up! Step 2: Cut the balloon in half. Step 3: Take the knotted end of the balloon and place over one end of the toilet paper tube. Secure with Duct Tape or ot

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