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Request to Build-a-Box with your local chapter and we will send you a theme and a due date and you get to put together the birthday box!

A Perfect Service Project

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Heart & Hands Icon _edited.png

Build-a-Box with your:

Boy/Girl Scouts ~Business/Staff Groups

Church Groups ~ Classrooms ~Families

Play Groups ~ Youth Groups

What's in a Box? 

What are people saying?

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Head White _edited.png

"A super fun way to teach my young kids about helping others and how lucky we are to have what we have!"

"Our scouts really enjoyed the opportunity to do something so fun and different working toward a service badge, thank you!"

"Our office is always looking for new ways to meet our monthly service goals, we will be doing this again!

  Provide JOY.         Provide HOPE.     Spread Kindness.

When you connect with your local chapter leader and ask to build-a-box, they will provide you with a birthday party request from a child in need.  You will be given a theme and a little information about the child whose birthday box you are preparing, as well as a drop-off time and location.  You will be expected to fill the box with the expected tableware, decorations, DIY decorations, party favors, a party game or activity, a dozen cupcakes (no mini please) or a cake, and birthday gifts.  It takes about $100 to build a box.  

Kids Birthdays

"The birthday box that you build will provide joy, love, and hope to a child and their family during a difficult and trying time in their lives.  By building a box, you are helping to ensure that every child is celebrated on their birthday; that's a beautiful thing and we couldn't do it without you!"

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