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Cambridge/Deerfield, Wisconsin

Jamie Downing || Chapter Leader

My name is Jamie Downing.  I live in Cambridge Wisconsin.  I am a stay at home mom and have four great children, two boys and two girls ages 14,13,11, and 7.  I stay very busy attending athletic events, which most days feels like a part time job!  When I'm not doing that I enjoy connecting with friends, traveling, gardening, hosting parties and fundraisers, and keeping my house in relative order :)


I joined this organization as a chapter leader because I love the idea of celebrating the lives of kids that need a little extra support.  I also love the idea from the parent perspective.  We are helping fellow parents and caregivers celebrate their child during a time that is personally difficult for them.  Every mom wants to see their child smile.  Sometimes our job is overwhelming as parents and add to that financial hardships, you can feel you are on a sinking ship.  If we can ease the burden a little for the parent, let them enjoy their child's Birthday, then that is awesome!

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