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Executive Director of Box of Balloons, Rebecca Weingart Introduces Box of Balloons to the Tahoe Community, 2023

Sophomore undeclared Fox School of Business student Alyssa Heron opened the first chapter in Philadelphia to help children celebrate birthdays, 2018

Box of Balloons provides a party in a box, 2016

Non-profit brings birthday joy to children in need, 2014

Box of Balloons Fargo Chapter Leaders Chesley Strand and Chris Welssand - Fargo received a $3,000 grant from the FM Area Foundation, 2023

Awesome Foundation Grant Award Winner: Box of Balloons, Inc., Fargo North Dakota Chapter 2023

Executive Director and Oklahoma City Volunteer Chapter Leader, Kristi Rhoades speak about Box of Balloons and how to help during Giving Tuesday, 2023

Six year old receives grant, gives back to the community, 2017

B.O.B. Founder Nicole Moll - Celebrating Every Child, 2017

Nonprofit Spotlight of the Fargo North Dakota Chapter. Volunteer Chapter Leaders Chelsey Strand and Katie Dukart talk about the impact of their chapter, 2020

Box of Balloons Fargo North Dakota Chapter celebrated 500 birthdays, 2023

Box of Balloons Fargo North Dakota Chapter Leader Chelsey Strand makes the cover and shares her passion.  pgs. 50 to 55, 2023

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