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Kansas City, Kansas

Julie Cyr || Chapter Leader

I'm Julie Cyr. A wife. Mommy of 3. I moved to Kansas City from Southern California in 2016 to be near my in-laws and because the cost of living in California was just not manageable with a young, growing family. I am an advocate for health and lifelong learning. I enjoy spending time outdoors, the ocean, the mountains, good food, good company and serving others.

Douglas County, Kansas

Margo || Co-Chapter Leader
Jill || Co-Chapter Leader

Hello!  I'm Margo FT Mimi of 2, a Staffing Coordinator with Maximus Inc. & Chapter Leader of Chicktime KC for the last 8 years. When I have some "me time" I love loom knitting, sewing and binge watching documentaries. I grew up in Lawrence and am beyond thrilled to bring a BOB chapter to children in our area! 

Hey, I'm Jill. I am 38 years old, live with my wife Sarah in Lawrence Kansas but will ALWAYS be a Husker!! I have a rare brain malformation called Chiari Malformation where the cerebellum of my brain herniates through the base of my skull into my spinal column. I’ve had 2 brain surgeries to compress the pressure in my brain and help relieve some of the pain. My last surgery was in 2015 at which point my doctors told me I could no longer work as a nurse because of the physical demand. That’s why I’m here with Box of Balloons, I have too much time on my hands and love helping people. Since not being able to work I find myself volunteer opportunities that involve the homeless population and children primarily! I help organize the annual Walk across America walk for Chiari every year so I’m hoping to bring some of those skills to kids in Douglas County Kansas and be able to assist them in having an amazing Birthday they might not otherwise have. 

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