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Goodman, Missouri

Kait Franklin || Chapter Leader

Hello! My name is Kait Franklin and I am so excited to have a chapter in Goodman, Missouri.  I grew up in Detroit, Michigan but moved to this small town where my husband grew up almost 7 years ago.  I quickly fell in love with this little town and am so happy to be doing something for our community.  I am currently a student teacher and am so ecstatic to start my teaching career.


When I am not teaching, I am spending time with my family and friends.  I love trying different foods, painting, and baking.  I am also working toward a masters degree in Literacy.  I am so thankful to be working with such an amazing organization.  Birthday’s have always been so special to me and my family and I believe every child deserves to celebrate their special day!

Chesterfield, Missouri

Lindsay Tentindo || Chapter Leader

Hello!  My name is Lindsay Tentindo and I am originally from New Hampshire and made my way to the midwest by way of San Francisco after about 6 years.  I have been an emergency room nurse for about 13 years and have loved it!


I have two girls Sloane, age 5, and Reagan, 2 years old.  So, basically, they are busy all the time so I am as well!  I love going to the gym and cooking.  Trying new recipes is super fun for me and recently my 5 year old has taken an interest, so it is something we can do together!  


I am so excited to join the Box of Balloons team!  I love throwing a party and making a child smile at the same time is an added bonus!  I also want my daughters to get involved to show them how to be good humans. Letting a child know that they are loved is incredibly important and I can't imagine a better way than a special birthday celebration!

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