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Fargo, North Dakota

Chris Welsand || Co-Chapter Leader
Chelsey || Co-Chapter Leader

Hi! My name is Chris Welsand, and I serve as the Director/Co-Leader of Box of Balloons – Fargo. I’ve been married to my husband Jeremy for almost 30 years, and we have one daughter Sophia who is in college. Since arriving in Fargo in 2012, I have
been blessed to get involved with a variety of volunteer projects at my daughter's school, my church and in the community. My professional experiences have been in fundraising, communication, management and photography. I enjoy combining my education, experiences, skills, and passions into volunteer work for non-profits.

My love language is “Acts of Service” and I have enjoyed giving back to the communities in which I live since I was in high school. I am truly committed to improving my community by making a difference through volunteering. I am thrilled to continue
spreading the mission of Box of Balloons in the FM Area so that every child feels loved and celebrated on their birthday and that each birthday is truly happy!

Hi! My name is Chelsey! I was born and raised in Fargo, ND. I am a proud Fargo native who loves community engagement and serving others. I am a  medical social worker with children and families with complex medical needs.I married my college sweetheart and enjoy being a mama to my adorable daughter. As a family, we enjoy being outside, going on walks, traveling, and having silly dance parties at home.


I am humbled and excited to be able to help bring Box of Balloons to Fargo. I know how giving our community is, and I can't wait to see the impact it will have. I LOVE everything birthdays. It gets me excited to plan, decorate, and celebrate with others. It is the one day out of the year dedicated to you and that is very special. Everyone deserves to feel valued and loved on their birthday and that is the mission of Box of Balloons. Still to this day, my mom bakes my favorite Creme de Mint cake and goes all out with decorating my presents. Glitter and confetti are my favorite colors!

Minot, North Dakota

Sarah Fagerland || Chapter Leader

Hello! My name is Sarah Fagerland and I live in Minot, ND with my 3 teenagers, Jacie, Ben and Fallon. I am a Licensed Insurance Producer and work for Horace Mann Insurance. 

I truly enjoy volunteering and making a difference. I have volunteered in many different ways over the years, mainly revolving around my children and their activities - Scouts, Booster Club, Hockey Team Mom, Sunday School Teacher, etc, etc! 

When I discovered Box of Balloons, I immediately knew I wanted to bring it to our community. I am so excited to bring joy to children in our area by making sure they get to enjoy their special day! 

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