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Jackson, Ohio

Melanie Smalley || Chapter Leader

My name is Melanie Smalley. I am happily married to my husband, Christopher. We have 3 young, wild, crazy kids- Brynlee, Corbyn, and Coleson. The kids keep me more than busy with all their sports and activities.


On top of their activities, I am a high school teacher and very involved in my work. I told myself I was too busy to get more involved in the community but I wanted to be. My friend Sarah (who recently moved to WI) told me about Box of Balloons. I loved what the organization had to offer and knew my little community would benefit from it so much.


We try to make our kids’ birthdays special with big parties and special birthday dinners. It’s devastating to know that there are little ones in my kids’ classes that don’t get a celebration at all. We, as a family, decide this had to stop so we joined the team and are excited for the road ahead!!

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