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Our Vision

  • Our vision is to have a Box of Balloons team in every major city throughout the United States fulfilling birthday wishes and empowering parents. We see communities coming together to provide happiness and hope to families from the East coast to the West, North to South and beyond.  In just over a year we have put roots in five states servicing a total of ten cities with local chapters!  


  • We project that over the next five to seven years we will attain over 7,500 community volunteers within 75 BOB chapters and gain the ability to celebrate 3,750 children annually! 

Our Mission

  • Box of Balloons is a non-profit organization on a mission to make each birthday happy and every child celebrated. Every child deserves to feel special, be celebrated and have a memorable party.  Unfortunately that is not possible for many families. In America 18% of children  live below the poverty level.  We believe that a birthday celebration can give families the joy and hope they may be missing.  


  • Our focus is to ensure each child feels special and celebrated on their birthday.  A child's birthday should be happy despite a family's current situation, living conditions, or financial status.  


  • Our fundamental goal is to provide joy, hope and celebration for the child and their family. 

Birthdays for Children-2018 Annual Report
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