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Rebecca Weingart

Executive Director


Hello! My name is Rebecca Weingart, and I am the Executive Director of Box of Balloons, Inc. I am highly committed to ensuring the success of our volunteer chapter leaders nationwide and take my role very seriously but with a side of cake and balloons! 


I began this work because, as a child, I experienced firsthand the pain of not having a birthday celebration while my family was going through challenging times. It is a heartbreak I never want a child to experience, and because of that, I have devoted my life to ensuring each birthday is happy and every child is celebrated through Box of Balloons, Inc.!


I am the mother to my favorite Kid Ambassador who loves what we do! My daughter is my world, and teaching her the importance of helping other children in our community is my favorite part of leading the Box of Balloons team. We love glitter, everything pink, spontaneous dance parties, and traveling. My favorite birthday memories have been the parties I have thrown for my daughter, including a Hocus Pocus-themed slumber party!


Bridget Vian

Volunteer Website Specialist

Hi! My name is Bridget Vian and I am the website specialist here at Box of Balloons.  I work full-time in Madison for the Wisconsin National Guard.  My house is very full with 3 kitties (Zoey, Jody, and Zeke), 1 puppy (Chloe), and my husband, Jake. For fun, I love to sew, run, read, and travel.

I am lucky to have friends and family who make my February birthday special despite the usually crummy Wisconsin weather. We often eat somewhere special and play board games.

I am excited to be a part of Box of Balloons! I love seeing all the happy families who get to celebrate with the help of our volunteer team.


Karen Sommers

Volunteer Social Media Specialist

Hello, I’m Karen!

Besides my role as the Box of Balloons volunteer social media specialist, I wear a few other hats including a mom, wife, auntie, nurse & and competitive cheerleading coach.  I also love my 2 chocolate labs, coffee, reading, traveling, and the sunshine!


I have always enjoyed planning parties and celebrating my favorite people and holidays, so working with Box of Balloons is right up my alley.  Although I’ll be behind the scenes, I hope to continue to inspire, provide joy, and support the mission to celebrate every child!

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