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"I try to put myself in the children's shoes and remember that each detail, each item, might seem insignificant to me...but could mean the world of difference in the life of that child whose birthday it is"

"I have such a fun time planning themed birthday parties for my children i knew I'd love doing it for others, and I do!  I like the party planning aspect and love how excited my kids get about the details of their parties I wnated to do that for others who are not able to financially have that luxury.  We are always looking for ways our family can give back, and my kids get excited about donating and helping think of ideas to help other kids have a fun party!"

We love our volunteers!

One of the best things about BOB is that we are a volunteer driven organization.  When thinking about how our organization would work, and what we valued, we knew immediately that community involvement would be huge. 


Our volunteers no only help provide all the items needed for each and every birthday box...they also help us at events, spread the word, organize their own workshops to prepare items for birthday parties, and give us the support and encouragement we need to continue moving forward with our mission.  


Uniquely, our volunteers do not fit into a box themselves.  We have volunteers as young as 3 and as wise as 73 and beyond.  We have families get involved together, moms teaching lessons to their children of giving, entire youth programs baking cupcakes, highschool leadership groups, and MOMs groups preparing and helping with any needs we might have.  Men, women; old, young; rich, poor; and everything inbetween.   No volunteer is expected to meet any certain quota or make an unattainable committment.  They simply do what they can, when they can.


We believe our volunteer community is what makes Box of Balloons truely unique.

"I've always loved birthdays.  I think they are very special to share and make memories with friends and family.  With Box of Balloons I'm able to help kids have an amazing day!"

"I joined Box of Balloons because I love kids and I believe in what Box of Balloons does for children and families!  I believe that all kids should be celebrated on their birthday and want to help make that a reality!  Kids are only kids for a short time and birthdays are a special day that only comes around once a year.  I believe that every child deserved that day to be loved and celebrated!

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