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Birthdays Aren't Cancelled, They Just Look A Little Different...

Box of Balloons takes the health and safety of our volunteers, supporters, social worker partners and families we serve very seriously. At the same time we believe children still deserve to be celebrated and for many need a day of hope, joy and love NOW more than ever! We are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak by adjusting the way birthday boxes are filled and delivered to ensure social distancing and safer at home practices are being followed. 

1. Chapter Uniqueness! Our chapters are all unique in many ways which is still true during this time. We have empowered our chapter leaders to make the best decision for their chapter and themselves so some of our chapters are currently closed, some are limiting requests and others are operating at full speed. Please check in with your specific chapter leader. 

2. Purchase or Donate Online! To ensure the safety we ask you please purchase items from the safety of your home, online, and send to your chapter leader. Many chapters are creating Amazon Wish List for each birthday box. 

3. Contactless Delivery! Chapter Leaders are delivering birthday boxes to social workers without contact, leaving them outside at the door and texting that it has arrived. 

4. Celebrate Safely! We are reminding families receiving birthday boxes to please only celebrate with the people they are immediately living with or staying at a shelter with, no in-person party guests from other families, they can attend virtually though! 

5. Prioritizing! As much as we believe every single child deserves to be celebrated, during this time we are prioritizing children living in shelters as they will be celebrating with the same people they would be outside of Covid-19. Homeless and Domestic Abuse shelters do not let families bring in outside guests which is even more true during this time. Also with public schools closed many of our chapters working with school social workers have been put on hold. 

Your monetary donations to the organization at this time are greatly appreciated! With one of our biggest in person fundraisers being cancelled this month we are so appreciative of your online donations to keep the celebrations going.



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