A simple first birthday party

When planning a birthday party the easiest way to go about it is to pick a theme and draw from it for ideas regarding decorations, food, games etc. However, it isn't necessary. And when planning for a first birthday party, your child's interests may not be very clear yet, so it can make party planning a little more tricky.

When I thought about planning my daughter's first birhday party, I thought about what it was going to be to me. Ultimately, it was a celebration for us having made it to ONE. She had gone through many trials in her short life and we were just ready to celebrate getting to one with a happy, healthy baby. There was a lot of reflection on the year past and so I knew, I just wanted to celebrate her and remember how far we'd gotten.

I picked out a few colors to stick to, decided I'd have lots of pictures hanging around, and a few other ideas stemmed from that.

I had hundreds of instagram pictures on my account, and I loved the look of the square photo printed, so I got about 150 of my favorites printed. Then I attached twine to some of my windows, fireplace, tables etc and used tiny little clothes pins to hang them. It was my favorite thing about the party--the guests spent a lot of time looking over each one of them and it started some great conversation.

With any party I plan, I have a pretty frugal budget in mind. While I love 'going overboard' and planning each detail out, I am too practical to hire things out or spend frivolously on everything for the day. The photos were my biggest expense (aside from food for dinner), but it cost less than $50 to have them all printed. When the party was over, I put them all in her time capsule...

Since we invited all of our closest family and friends to her first birthday party, and I knew we wouldn't be doing that for all her parties, I loved the idea of having them write a letter to her to have when she was older. I asked everyone to write something to her, or put something in a little box I had prepared as her 'time capsule'. When the party was over, I put a letter from her father and I and all the photos and momentos from the party in it and wrapped it up so it'd be preserved for her future self. I can't wait to give it to her!

While there were some younger cousins at the party, it was mainly adults. And what's a party without a party favor? One thing I did as a favor was a balloon wreath game. I made a balloon wreath for decoration--but also as a game. I had each guest write down how may balloons they thought it took to make the wreath and whoever was closest won a bottle of 'whine'.