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Take me out to the ballgame! Sports Party Ideas!

We love to see the creativity of our volunteers at Box of Balloons. Earlier in September, our Box of Balloons chapter in Sun Prairie, WI put together this awesome sports-themed birthday box of a local boy named Jerry.

When a birthday box request is submitted to a local chapter, a sign up form is sent out to the volunteers of that chapter. Volunteers can sign up to provide each of the following items: tableware, decorations, a party game, party favors, cupcakes, and a gift for the child.

Take a peek at what our Sun Prairie volunteers donated for Jerry's Sports Party!

Tableware and Decorations:

The Sun Prairie volunteers did a great job of providing many decoration options for the family. Usually volunteers provide a combination of store-bought decor and handmade DYI decor that is tailored to the birthday boy or girl! Check out the adorable banner that volunteers made with Jerry's name on it!

Party Games:

Wow! Look at these fun games! Volunteers are asked to provide one game or activity for the birthday party. This birthday box has THREE games! At the bottom of this blog post, I will provide links to other sports party game ideas!

Party Favors:

These party favors are perfect for a sports party and so easy to assemble! I'm sure that all of these supplies can be found at your local party store or department store like Target or Walmart.


Oh my gosh, these cupcakes look delicious! When you provide cupcakes for a birthday box, you could support a local bakery! Volunteers are asked to provide a dozen cupcakes for each birthday box.

A Birthday Gift:

When parents fill out their birthday box request, they provide information about the type of gift that their child would like. This makes it easier for volunteers to provide a gift that the child will like. The volunteers purchase the gift, wrapping supplies, and a card. The family then wraps the present and writes in the card. I'm sure that Jerry loved his new video game and book!

Some fun ideas for you:

Sports is such a popular theme for birthday parties! There are so many great ideas for sports-themed games! I will post some ideas below with links to blogs with the directions!

Pin the Football in the Field Goal:

This idea is so fun and simple to prep! Just use painters tape to put a field goal on a wall. Cut out little footballs from brown paper. Blindfold the participants and have them try to "pin the football in the field goal!"

Outdoor Baseball Games:

These baseball-themed games are perfect for a summer birthday party! So fun!

I hope that you enjoyed this peek inside Jerry's birthday box! Thank you for our Sun Prairie Box of Balloons volunteers! You rock!

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