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Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day Card with a school of fish

Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Celebrating love and friendship by making other people feel special — what could be better? However, I am an avid proponent of celebrating holidays in a budget friendly way. The following mini-project is one from my childhood and a good way to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank!

My love for holidays comes from my mother. Growing up, we celebrated every holiday and made most of our decor and even some gifts by hand. Valentine’s Day was no exception. My mom did a great job of getting us involved with the arts and crafts as we prepared cards to send to my grandparents, teachers and friends. Each year my mom would pick one or two cards that we would make over and over again. Some years we would create an “assembly line” — one person would cut out the hearts, another person would glue them in their spots, and my mom would write the message.

Owl Valentine's Day Card

Many of these cards featured an animal with a cute pun for a message. While my mom would normally roll her eyes at any joke with a pun — Valentine’s Day puns were different and cute. All you need for these is paper, markers and paint to celebrate love and friendship.

All these cards can be done with an assortment of styles. Make your bunnies with paint and your thumb print. Cut paper hearts out to make some fish and their fins. And use some of the puns below to show your family and friends some love.

Here are some other ideas:

  • I’m not lion, you’re a grrrreat Valentine.

  • Hip Hip HIPPO-ray! for a great Valentine.

  • It wouldn’t bug me if you were my Valentine.

  • For the BEAR-y Best Valentine.

  • Sending SUNNY thoughts to you, Valentine.

  • Bee Mine

  • Some Birdy Likes You

  • Best Fishes this Valentine’s Day

  • To me, you’re purr-fect.

  • Some bunny things you’re special…

  • I love ewe.

  • You are deer to me.

  • You make my heart flutter.

If you decide to make any of these, share them on social media and tag us so we can see your creativity. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day from the Box of Balloons Team!

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