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Leadership Spotlight: Amanda Hirsch & Carrie Williams

Meet Amanda Hirsch and Carrie Williams - the Box of Balloons Chapter Leaders Supervisors! In addition to being our chapter leader supervisor — Amanda is the leader of the Monroe chapter. Carrie and Amanda work together to assist the chapter leaders by answering questions, brainstorming and helping to inspire new chapter leaders. As we spread to other states and form new chapters, Amanda and Carrie are there to foster growth in new communities. We have a quick interview with them so you can learn more about our leadership team!

How (and why) did you get involved with Box of Balloons?

Amanda: I am the Chapter Leader Supervisor for the Box of Balloons chapters across the country and also the Chapter Leader for Monroe, WI. I started volunteering with Box of Balloons 2 years ago as a way to give back in our community of Monroe and from there it has just spread to involving our entire family. My favorite thing about being a part of this organization is that we get to create these memorable birthdays and help a child feel special and loved.

Carrie: "Living My Best Life" is a mantra I take very seriously. There is always a way to help and no act of kindness is ever too small. I was introduced to Box of Balloons by Amanda and volunteered for our local chapter. I loved the mission and vision of Box of Balloons so much I couldn't wait to join the team! I tell anyone and everyone that will listen about our organization. What a great way to bring people together, celebrating children on their birthdays! I'm currently expanding the southern Wisconsin chapters into more of our rural towns, I'm looking for and following up with our fundraising partners through our Build A Box program and sponsorship opportunities and I'm here to help Amanda with chapter leader assistance.

Tell us a little about you:

Amanda: My husband Matthew and I live in Monroe with our three kids, Xavier (9), Violet (6) and Maddux (3). I am a stay-at-home mom and enjoys all the craziness and fun her children bless her with. I love anything chocolate, spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, thrift store shopping, reading and working on a DIY project. I am passionate about helping others out and making a difference in people's lives. I believe that you have one hand to help yourself and another to help others.

Carrie: I live in Monroe, WI with my husband Mike, my son Ethan, our dogs Emma and Ava and our cat Lily. I spend my time assisting the Box of Balloons team and love being an ambassador for Box of Balloons.

What is your favorite birthday memory?

Amanda: My favorite birthday memory was when I was 13 and my parents rented a DJ and our local community building and I had a dance party with a huge group of girls. We all got dressed up and had a blast.

Carrie: My brother and I are two years and two days apart so we always had a big party for both of us. My favorite was a Sesame Street party we had when I was 5. My mom hired a local lady to make two cakes — one big bird and one cookie monster. They were awesome! My mom says they were delicious too — always a plus!

What’s one of your favorite birthday box themes you’ve seen?

Amanda: My favorite birthday box theme I fulfilled is probably a Minnie Mouse one - not only was it super cute, but the volunteer who donated the present had happened to be at Disney and had gotten the recipient a personalized pair of Minnie ears! So cute!

Carrie: I am partial to anything Unicorn but I think all the ideas and things are amazing!

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