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3 Indoor Activities that Kids Love

Are your kids bored? Is the weather uncooperative? Is your creativity exhausted? Here are a few activities that can entertain your kids for hours (hopefully) and you can find most of these things around your house! That being said, while they may keep your kids busy for a bit, these do require a little more cleaning up.

Shaving cream on the windows or counters.

Roll up your child’s sleeves, put them in an apron and spray some shaving cream onto a window or the kitchen counter and let him/her play with it. Have them draw pictures in it or practice writing their letters and numbers. Your child may feel that this unusual activity would normally be a forbidden activity (you’re getting things messy instead of cleaning up) so it can keep them entertained for awhile. For easier clean up, cover the counter with some plastic wrap or use a 9x13 in baking dish to keep the shaving cream contained.

Building a fort.

Growing up, my siblings and I built forts out of anything. We used clothespins to fasten Blankets, sheets and towels to tables, chairs and sofas. We invited our stuffed animals and friends in but kept our parents out. This is a great activity that can be extended throughout the day. Consider allowing a picnic lunch or a slumber party inside the fort. If you’re not excited about cleaning up blankets and pillows and moving furniture back into its place, even a sheet draped over the dining room table can create a spacious temporary fort.

Create a "Junk Box".

It’s a great idea to always keep some art supplies on hand - even if it is just coloring pages. However, also consider making a cardboard box your “junk box.” Throw empty tissue boxes and cardboard tubes from used rolls of toilet paper or paper towels in there. Pull this box out and encourage your kids to make something with the “junk.” If you google “tissue box guitars” you’ll find some inspiration on how to turn a paper towel cardboard tube, empty tissue box and old rubber bands into a musical instrument. Here’s some ideas for other “junk” to collect: rinsed out soda bottles, cereal boxes, construction paper, interestingly shaped rocks, straws, wooden dowel rods, bubble wrap, and egg cartons. Keep some tape, paint, colored pencils, and scissors on hand.

Perhaps you’re the parent who is tired of resorting to TV time every bad weather day. These three activities are sure to entertain your kids while helping them learn and enforce new skills. Between spelling out letters in the shaving cream or engineering a new invention from “junk box” supplies, your child will be able to grow their creative spirit while having fun!

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