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Taco Bout A Party

With Cinco de Mayo coming up this week I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite birthday parties I was able to give my youngest son. Two years ago Brenner was turning four and he loved the book "Dragons Love Tacos" so we had a taco birthday party!

Party guests enjoyed a taco bar, taco cookies, dragon cookies and candy from the taco pinata! The best way to start planning a party is to pick a theme and colors, for this particular party we went with yellow, red and orange so I tried to find candies and snacks all in those colors.

Party favors are always one of my most favorite elements to a birthday party, I love making something very themed specific. For our Dragons Love Tacos party of course we had to make dragons! I bought white tall socks, dyed them blue using fabric dye then glue on wings, eyes and a fire breathing mouth. Party guest took home these fun sock puppets along with dragon tattoos and a taco sticker book.

We kept the party games pretty simple with a taco pinata and a pin the fire onto the dragon. Party guests also make their own fire breathing dragon mouths using paper cups.

Making the mini tacos for the garland was by far one of the most fun projects I have done! I used tissue paper and small cupcake liners, click HERE for instructions.

Taco Bout A Party! This themed birthday party brought me so much joy to plan and prepare for as a mom. I love being able to see a vision come to life and know this celebration will be remembered forever. To see my four year old smile ear to ear as we sang "Happy Birthday" reminded me of why Box of Balloons exists, to make sure each birthday is happy and every child is celebrated!

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