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Every. Mom. Celebrate!

Here at Box of Balloons we believe in empowering moms and caregivers. Box of Balloons is a "behind the scenes" organization, intentionally. We want to give moms in need the opportunity to blow up balloons, light the candles and sing happy birthday to her own child. As volunteers we could set up big lavish themed parties and see the smiles and receive the thank you's but we do not want that, we instead want the children we are serving to thank their mom or caregiver.

For the families we are serving there are not a lot of happy moments in their week, month or even year. The stress at times can be unbearable and decisions are having to be made daily that most of us can't imagine. I can't imagine having my child's birthday approaching and knowing we can't afford a gift let alone a party. I also can't imagine being that child going to school listening to classmates excitedly talk about their parties knowing that won't happy for me this year. This is why Box of Balloons exists, we believe every child deserves to be celebrated and every mom deserves to celebrate her child.

This Mother's Day you can celebrate your mom or a special woman in your life by allowing a mom in need to celebrate her own child. You can donate to Box of Balloons in honor of your mother and help us continue giving birthday celebrations to children in need. DONATE NOW

Happy Mother's Day Box of Balloons party people!!!

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