Birthday Traditions You Can Start Today

Our tagline here at Box of Balloons is "and so much more" because we all know a birthday celebration is more than balloons and cake. A birthday celebration is a day of hope, love and positive memories that can last a lifetime. For a child, a birthday celebration can help boost their confidence, self-esteem and foster positive peer relationships. In addition, for a family in need, a birthday celebration may be the one small positive thing they need to keep going.

For these reasons birthday traditions can be so important! Birthday traditions can create lasting memories for children that they then can pass on to their children. Whether the tradition is small, always having vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, or a bigger tradition such as hanging balloons from the entire ceiling birthday traditions make the special birthday person feel loved.

The Pragmatic Parent has 24 easy birthday traditions you can start today with your child. Here are a couple we love...

1. Cover the birthday child's bedroom floor in balloons! Of course here at Box of Balloons we adore balloons and know they put smiles on faces, wouldn't it be so fun to wake up to a bedroom full of balloons!

2. Conduct a Birthday Interview with Your Child. Each year you can document what color they like best, their favorite food, best friend and more. Here is a fun printable you can download from Layers of Learning.

3. Ask Guests to Bring Supplies to Donate. One of our favorite programs here at Box of Balloons is our Pledge Your Birthday program. When you Pledge Your Birthday to Box of Balloons you can create a personalized fundraising page or ask party guests to donate supplies so we can make sure more kids in need are celebrated!

4. Birthday Breakfast with Candles. You can make pancakes or have yummy donuts with sprinkles and put birthday candles on top. Sing Happy Birthday to the special one and start the day off celebrating!