Box of Balloons- A Children's Book

July 2, 2018

I can finally share the news, a Box of Balloons Children's Book is coming this fall! Writing a book has been on my goal list for quite some time. I love diving into a good book and have been so intrigued by the writing process I thought would not only be fun but a great challenge to write a book. The more I dug into the "how to" I decided it would be the most fun to write a children's book for Box of Balloons. 


I go into my kids classrooms monthly during the school year to read books and do projects so I thought how special it would be to take in a book I wrote! I participated in a couple free workshops on how to write a book, I picked out my favorite children's books from our bookshelves and began to research. What did I love about them, what kind of words did they use, how were the illustrations incorporated and so on. From there I just started writing! 



Once it was written I proposed the project to Julie Wells Illustration, Box of Balloons had worked with her last year for a celebration. She loved the idea and began to illustrate the most beautiful pictures to fit my words. This past spring we completed the book, it was ready for publishing but I felt stuck. I didn't know how to publish, everyone said to self-publish and allow there are many platforms to do that it felt overwhelming. This was a project I was doing behind the scenes, in my spare-spare time so really a few minutes here and there. I had submitted my manuscript to a couple publishers but they either didn't respond or weren't accepting new work. 


An acquaintance told me about Orange Hat Publishing, they are based in WI and publish children's books. So I send off my manuscript one last time and guess what...they loved it! Shannon who owns the publishing company is am