A Full House of Puppies

Every birthday party we give in a box has the same seven elements...


-DIY Decorations


-Party Game or Activity

-Party Favors

-Cupcakes and Candles

-Birthday Gift

However each birthday box is extremely unique depending on the theme chosen, the age of the child, their favorite colors and what items our volunteers make or purchase. We guide volunteers in the items that are required and give an approximate price range but other than that it is up to them. Our Sun Prairie, WI chapter put together one of the most unique themed birthday boxes to date, A Full House of Puppies Party!

Twin girls, Kendra and Keena, were getting ready for their birthday. One wanted a Full House themed party and the other a puppy party so our tremendously creative volunteer team put together a Full House of Puppies theme so both girls could have a customized celebration but it could be done together.

The party game or activity is always one of my favorite elements to the birthday box and can be the most fun to create. For this party one volunteer donated a San Francisco themed Spot It game for the "Full House" portion of the party along with a Full House bingo game.