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Chalk It Up

Each summer at Box of Balloons we host a summer long national event where anyone at any age can participate. In addition to spreading awareness and broadening our reach we also want to encourage fun, smiles and happiness amongst our followers. Two summers ago we had our SugarSmash Challenge, it was a spin off the ice bucket challenge were supporters could smash sugar from a cupcake, ice cream cone, whipped cream, anything sweet in their face, make a donation to Box of Balloons and challenge others!

This summer event was tons of fun and people across the country joined in accepting the challenge. We had tv news anchors, local fire fighters, business owners and kiddos all smashing sugar in their face, donating so we could give more birthdays to children in need and spreading awareness while having summer fun!

Last summer we kicked off the season with a Chalk It Up event encouraging followers in all states to grab sidewalk chalk and decorate the pavement around their city for Box of Balloons. We encouraged participated to post pictures tagging us and prizes were given at the end.

Not only could anyone at any age get involved but it spruced up boring, bland cement across the country! We even had some talented artists get involved creating chalk masterpieces.

This summer we decided to bring back Chalk It Up. The event went so well last year, people from all over chalked their sidewalks in an effort to inform others about Box of Balloons so we thought we should do it again!

Chalkers are really getting creative this year as to where they decorate. We had a camper at a summer camp decorate the walking path so all campers and families could learn about Box of Balloons. A gymnast chalked in front of her gym so all athletes and their families would see our name and website while entering and our Box of Balloons Philadelphia chapter took their chalk downtown to decorate for the tourist and summer goers.

Summer is more than half over here in the midwest, have you chalked it up yet? Grab some chalk, decorate the pavement and post your pictures. We will randomly select prize winners (both adults and children) later this summer. Have fun!

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