First Birthday Party Tips

Each time as the one year mark approached for my kiddos I was filled with excitement, I finally got to plan a birthday party! Now we all know a one year olds birthday party is more for the adults and less for the tiny child who has no clue what we are celebrating but ONE is a big milestone and definitely work celebrating.

Here are some tips we love to help keep the first birthday celebration simple, affordable and memorable...


It can be challenging at one to know what your child likes or dislikes outside of food and being held but many time parents are starting to see their little personalities come through and that can translate nicely into a birthday party theme. For my son's first birthday we had an "On the Move" theme because he liked all things that moved. He constantly played with cars, trucks, tractors and squealed with excited when he saw moving vehicles outside. When kids are turning one they are easy, they don't have an opinion on colors, themes or characters so be creative!


Choose the best party time based on your child's nap schedule. If your little ones generally goes down for an afternoon nap at 2:00pm don't schedule the party at that time. You will have a cranky, whiny one year old and frustrated emotions. Instead start the party at 10:00am or do a dinner party instead. Set your little one up for success, they will be the center of attention and you want them as happy as can be!


There is no need to decorate your entire house or garage or backyard, instead chose one spot and focus your attention there. Perhaps you plan to have a food/treat table then set up your decorations there or you plan to host most of the party in your living room or screened in porch, just decorate in that one room. By doing this you not only keep the party planning more simple but you are making a bigger impact with all your cute decorations. Party guests can see your full theme, colors and any personalized decorations all at once instead of feeling like they are on a scattered scavenger hunt around the house.