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Back to School!

Happy Back to School Day! I know many of you already started but for us here in Wisconsin today is the first day of school. I love the "first" of things, it is a new slate, fresh beginning and endless opportunities. I know for kids it seems like the first of 180 days of sitting, listening, homework and tests but now that I am an adult and a parent I view it so differently.

Each school year we encourage our kids to be brave, courageous and kind. One of our favorite mottos here at Box of Balloons is "Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti"! In this world where opportunity is waiting and kids can truly be anything we want the to be kind. Be remembered for a positive attitude, a helping hand and a kind smile. As a parent it is our job to not only model this but provide opportunities for our children to learn how to be kind. I love finding small ways each school year to encourage my kiddos to be kind. We bring in flowers or cookies for their teacher, I pack extra snacks in their lunch so they can share with classmates, we take friends home after school for a play date, bring iced coffees to the secretaries, the options are endless!

Kids Helping Kids, our kids volunteer program, is centered around this value. Kids being kind, kids giving back and kids making a difference in their community. I believe kids are one of the greatest forces, they have the ability to make a huge impact with small acts of kindness. Every month our Kids Helping Kids program sends out a monthly challenge, an encouragement for our smallest volunteers. This month it is all about being kind!

If your kiddos are not one of our kid volunteers you can sign them up HERE!

We wish everyone the very best school year and we encourage you to Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti!

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