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Birthdays By You

Our mission at Box of Balloons is to make each birthday happy and every child celebrated. We provide birthday parties to children in need. Our vision is to have a Box of Balloons chapter in every single state and then eventually be global serving some of the most in need countries around the world. This became our vision right from the start as we quickly had people contacting us to start a chapter in their community.

Box of Balloons is a simple idea but makes a huge impact not only on the birthday child but the entire family and community. Due to its simplicity which we always want to keep, we can duplicate the idea and truly bring happy birthdays to children across the country! We are currently in 15 states but as you know there are many more states all of which have kids who have birthdays who may not be celebrated without YOU and Box of Balloons.

After taking much of this year to restructure and organize our chapter model we are now ready to open more chapters, enrich more community and make more birthdays happy for children in need! All of our chapters are led by volunteers, people who have a heart for others and who love birthdays! Chapter leaders connect with community social workers who identify children in need. They also build a team of volunteers who can help and donate to birthday boxes. Most of our birthday boxes are delivered on Fridays so families can celebrate over the weekend!

Each chapter is unique in how many birthdays they give and how many volunteers they have but they all share the same mission, each birthday happy every child celebrated. Are there kids in your city you won't get a birthday celebration this year? Are there families struggling and in need? Are you ready to bring Box of Balloons to your community?

We would love to have you join our team! Click HERE for more details, we can't wait to chat with you.

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