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Pay It Forward

Box of Balloons is a simple idea, we strive to do small things with great love. Volunteering with Box of Balloons is easy and you can volunteer when it works best for you. Our philosophy is "together we can do much", one dozen cupcakes or a party game may not seem like a lot but when it is paired with all the other birthday party items it because an important part in bringing hope, joy and love to a family in need.

This week our Box of Balloons Sun Prairie, WI chapter was able to witness a true act of paying it forward and kindness. A local mom reached out to our chapter leader as her daughter won a bike in a raffle but both of her kiddos already have bikes. She asked our chapter leader if she could donate it to Box of Balloons to be included in an upcoming birthday box.

Now the amazing part is this family is one we have served through Box of Balloons, both of this moms kids had received birthday boxes and were able to celebrate their special day with a themed party. As our chapter leader went to pick up the bike she could see this family was probably still in need in ways and could have easily used the bike to help their family. BUT instead they decided to pay it forward, to do a small act of kindness that to another child in need will make a HUGE impact!

This week another mom in need will be able to give her daughter a memorable birthday celebration, complete with cupcakes, balloons and a bike! Can you imagine not only how loved this birthday girl will feel but how empowered and fulfilled the mom will be when she can give this to her child.

"Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." ~Scott Adams

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