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100 Birthday Pledge Challenge

Happy New Year! We are so thrilled to have wrapped up 2018 successfully with over 700 kiddos in need being celebrated with a happy birthday. We gained many volunteers and supporters as well, so incredible.

As we now look forward to this new year we are already getting started on one of our big goals, 100 Birthday Pledgers who raise at least $100!

Our Pledge Your Birthday program is not new, it is actually one of the first things we started when Box of Balloons was born. It is a way for people, adults and children, to celebrate their own birthday by giving back to children in need. As a mom of three kiddos I am always looking for ways to teach them about giving, doing small things with great love and challenging them to think of others before themselves. Their birthday is the perfect time for this as all of the attention is on them, they get to have a big birthday party, delicious cake and way too many presents. My encouraging them to pledge their birthday we are shifting the focus to children just like them who will not get to have that same celebration if we don't help out.

It costs about $100 for us to give a birthday party to a child in need. We also have quite a few "behind the scenes" costs as does any business but we don't want that to stop us from being able to celebrate as many children as possible because a birthday is so much more than balloons and cake, it is a day of love, joy and hope for family in need. It provides confidence, self-esteem and positive self-worth to the child as well.

So are you ready to pledge? We need 100 people to commit to pledging and to start a fundraiser either through our website or a Facebook fundraiser. Box of Balloons is a verified nonprofit on Facebook so this is a very easy method to pledge your birthday and spread the word of what we do! Click here to get started and pledge your birthday (or your kiddos)!!!

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