A Party Theme & Color Scheme

The theme and colors are the first things decided when I am getting ready to plan a party. My brain only thinks in themes and alliterations so most of my day, week, goals and work are all themed! Preparing for a party can be overwhelming and daunting but breaking it into smaller pieces and focusing on a few key elements helps. Once you choose a theme and color scheme all the other details can fall into place. Whether I am planning a birthday party, baby shower or a holiday themed get together I start with colors. For this "So Sweet" bridal shower I chose a honey bee theme with bright yellow and white color scheme.

Using items I already have in my house is the best and helps keep the party budget friendly. I had the yellow flower canvases, chair, tall vase and all the serving/candy dishes. Choosing one or two areas for the party decorations also helps. It isn't usually realistic to think you are going to decorate your entire house or party venue so put a table up against a wall and decorate that area or decorate a main focal point like a fireplace.

A sweets and treats area is one of the most fun places to carry out your theme and color scheme. For this party I made a lemon bundt cake and yellow chocolate dipped Oreos with honey bee candies on top. Then I added yellow and lemon candies such as honey sticks, candied lemon slices, yellow m&ms and jelly beans. Fresh flowers in the middle added some height and tied in the colors even more.