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Kids in the Community

Here at Box of Balloons we believe anyone anywhere at any age can help out, give back and make a difference in their community. Many of our chapters partner with Girl Scout Troops as part of our Kids Helping Kids volunteer program. Girl Scouts also believe in young children and encourages their troops to get involved in the community. This not only helps the community in doing good but teaches children the importance of helping others, taking a project from beginning to end and commitment. This past week we ha a Girl Scout Troop in Wisconsin gather together to plan a community event to benefit Box of Balloons.

The girls worked together to brainstorm fundraising event ideas that they could lead. The girls made a long list of ideas from a photo booth to party ideas to making tie blankets for families in need.

All of the girls were able to take turns sharing their ideas, why they felt it would be beneficial and how they would be able to not only serve the community but get more kids involved.

Once the troop came to a consensus they then started to plan and prepared a budget for their event. I love seeing this, seeing young girls learn what it means to have a budget, learns that even fun things cost money and being able to make a constructive plan for a successful fundraiser.

This Kids Helping Kids event is being planned by kids, led by kids and will benefit kids! We just love seeing Box of Balloons, on a mission to celebrate children in need, is also providing volunteer and learning opportunities for children across the community. Stay tuned for details as the troop unveils the event and invites the community!

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