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Down on the Farm

With an oink and a moo and a cock-a-doodle doo, Brayden was celebrated too! When a social worker sends Box of Balloons a birthday box request they can specify a party theme. We definitely have many of the same party requests as sports and princess parties continue to be popular but on occasion we get a more unique theme. This farm themed birthday party was one of them and the team of volunteers in Maryland went above and beyond to make it amazing.

Each birthday box contains a party game or activity, a fun experience for the birthday child and party guests. Take a peak at this party game, how incredibly creative!

Get crafty is such a joy for many of our Box of Balloons volunteers. They are so talented and we appreciate them sharing their skills with our local volunteers teams. I am only imagine seeing the parent open the birthday box to find a customized birthday banner for their child and then the birthday boy seeing it hung up to celebrate him.

A party without cake is just a meeting and Brayden doesn't want a farm meeting, no way, it is party time! These adorable pig and cow cupcakes complete this farm themed birthday box. I can see Brayden in my mind peering over these cute cupcakes to blow out his candles knowing he is loved, worthy and celebrated.

Unique party themes are my favorite and our volunteers amaze me more and more each time. I am sure Brayden has the most fun farm themed birthday and his parents were able to celebrate him like they always had dreamed of doing. If you are looking for more farm themed party ideas we found a variety of ideas HERE. If you would like to join a local Box of Balloons Volunteer team we would love to have you, click HERE to learn more.

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