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Cinco de Mayo Piñatas

Happy Cinco de Mayo! As an organization who believes wholeheartedly in celebrations, Cinco de Mayo festivities give us a great reason to decorate, party and have fun. Many of our birthday boxes we give include piñatas as they make the perfect party game for most ages! Walmart has been on top of their party game lately with a huge selection of piñatas, everything from unicorns to tacos to Starbucks drinks, they are all adorable and so festive! This weekend I, Nicole Moll- founder of Box of Balloons, gathered a group of friends to make DIY piñatas at Revel in Madison, WI. Revel is an adult craft bar with the most delicious cocktails, prettiest decor and big long white tables just begging for you to get glitter and glue all over them!

All of the supplies and instructions were provided for us with a variety of piñata options. I chose the cactus shape while my friends chose popsicles. There were also unicorns, watermelons, pizzas and more! First we traced our shape onto a two pieces of cardboard and cutout, pretty easy! Next we used a thinner pieces of cardboard or card-stock and glued it around the edges to then put the two pieces of cardboard together. That was the base or the body of the piñata. Next time to decorate...

Decorating the piñatas was the most fun in my mind, we used crepe paper and cut fringes and glued on. There wasn't a right or a wrong, just cut and glue, cut and glue. I did a two toned cactus while a friend did an all lime green one. Some of the popsicles were striped and some all one color. It was up to each creative artist.

The finished products were adorable and I have my cactus sitting on my kitchen desk. It was a fun and festive craft that I can't wait to do again. My youngest son wants a pickle party later this month so I will need to put my new piñata making skills into action for that one! Happy Cinco de Mayo and Piñata Making!

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