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American History- A Birthday Theme

As we approach the biggest birthday of the year for our nation, I thought it appropriate to share one of the most creative birthday box themes we have done so far! Box of Balloons was founded in Sun Prairie, WI where we started serving one elementary school but now serve all nine elementary schools, a homeless shelter for women and children and an early childhood resource agency. Our Sun Prairie, WI chapter continues to be one of our busiest chapters and continues to receive some of the most unique, creative theme requests. This American History themed request for a little boy named Andrew turned out fantastic filled with red, white and blue splendor!

Each birthday box we give has a party game or activity for the birthday child and their friends. This presidential bingo looks perfect for Andrew and his party guests.

These party favors are spectacular, I am sure Andrew's friends were so happy to take one of these party bags home with them. For many of the kids we serve this is the first birthday celebration they have had, the first time they get to give friends, cousins, siblings a party favor.

And then the grand finale, the boom and bang of the birthday box...a birthday gift! Andrew loves social studies and learning so these books I am sure were just the right gift. I can only imagine how fulfilled his parents felt being able to wrap these up and give to their son on his special day.

For our first American History themed birthday box I think our volunteers brought the fireworks! If you would like to help plan the next unique theme, make sure to join on our volunteer teams. Volunteers can help when they want, how they want and kiddos can get involved too!.

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