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Confetti Snail Mail

During this time of uncertainty when all in person events have been cancelled, businesses are closed, sports are cancelled and public schools are now meeting virtually, there is one thing that isn't cancelled...kindness! There are still so many ways to throw kindness around like confetti even from the safety of your own home. Each week I am trying to implement a kindness activity for my kids and I to do together not only to boost the spirit of others but us as well. It feels good and uplifting to be kind to others and make them smile. Confetti Snail Mail was our project for the week and we had so much fun!

Everyone loves get snail mail but a confetti lined envelope and card with bright colored confetti pieces inside is even better. We gathered the following supplies, all of which we had around the house:

-Cardstock for note cards (we cut them to be 4x6)

-Envelopes (any color works)

-Confetti (if you don't have any make your own, easy instructions HERE)

-Modge Podge (make your own HERE)

-Paint/foam brush or Q-Tip

-Pen or Markers

-Kindness Printable (this is optional but adds a nice touch, print HERE)

Once we collected all of our supplies we dipped the foam brush into the modge podge and painted it on to the bottom (front side) of the envelope. We put a generous amount on before sprinkling the confetti over top. Gently press the confetti down making sure the small pieces stick to the modge podge. While you are letting that dry write out your happy snail mail. My kiddos sent cards to friends and cousins while I wrote out a few to friends who have been on my heart during this stressful time.

Next we cut out the round kindness printable and attached it to small clear bags we had filled with confetti. You could also glue to printable to the front of your card or the back of your envelope. If you do not have small bags for the confetti just pour a small amount into your handwritten card and place it all in the confetti decorated envelope. Address and stamp the envelope and in the mail it goes!

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