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Times Are Tough But Moms Are Too!

Unemployment is at an all-time high. Schools and child care providers are closed. Events canceled. Even just going out for groceries is scary. Moms are being forced to carry this all with a smile on their faces. During these tough times, she's burdened with being a good: Mother. Colleague. Teacher. Chef. Friend. Therapist. ALL at the same time!

Times are tough but Moms are too!

I barely know what day it is anymore, but PSA THIS SUNDAY, May 10th is Mother's Day! As Box of Balloons reflected on this upcoming holiday, we knew we had to do something special for the moms we serve!

Box of Balloons is a behind the scenes organization that empowers parents, most often mothers, by giving them the opportunity to be the hero and provide an amazing birthday celebration and memory for their child. We want the moms to take the credit for the party and get all of the love, hugs, and kisses. After all, it's that joy that both she and her child need the most!

This Mother's Day honor the women in your life by donating to Box of Balloons so a mother in need can celebrate her child with a memorable birthday party! You will receive an email confirmation after your donation with a printable certificate that you can gift to your mom!

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