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We Love Our Volunteers

Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week!!! This is one of the most special weeks here at Box of Balloons as we are a volunteer run organization. Box of Balloons exists because of volunteers and children are being celebrated each week thanks to volunteers. Every single one of our chapters across the country is led by volunteers and every birthday box has been made possible because of a volunteer.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart. " ~Elizabeth Andrew Many of our volunteers are parents who are working either in the home or out, many have several other commitments and are involved with their community in multiple ways. All of our chapter leaders are busy but have said YES to this volunteer opportunity and are celebrating children in their community who otherwise would not be celebrated.

Here at Box of Balloons who believe anyone at any age can be a volunteer. Even children at the youngest age can start to learn what it means to give back and love others. Many of the birthday boxes we give have been decorated by children, they create happy birthday cards and help put together party favors. Our Kids Helping Kids program is specifically designed for...KIDS! We offer several ways for them to get involved and become a kid ambassador. Especially this year and so many of us are staying safe at home with our children we can teach them how to volunteer and do some birthday box projects together! Beyond kid volunteers we have many young adults who are jumping in full force and volunteering to celebrate children. Two of our chapters are led by college students!

"I always had birthday parties as a child and even as an adult, my mother still makes a big deal out of birthdays. If I can help ease the financial burden that being able to have a birthday party would be on a family, I think that it is a pretty amazing thing." ~Jennifer, Syracuse, NY Chapter Leader

"I love what this can do for children who are in less than optimal conditions and the idea of creating a celebration for them to show them they matter and are important and give them one special day is wonderful." ~Amy, Albuquerque, NM Chapter Leader "I believe a child's birthday is a special day, and they deserve to feel special regardless of their families financial situation." ~Jessica, Janesville, WI Chapter Leader

Thank you volunteers, we Love YOU! If you aren't on our volunteer team yet, CLICK HERE to join the party team. If we do not have a chapter in your area, CLICK HERE to learn more.


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