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Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Kristen Lubenau || Chapter Leader

Hello, my name is Kristen!  I live in Sun Prairie with my husband and three girls, Avery, Olivia, and Ellie.  When I'm not spending my time decorating birthday boxes with my kids, I enjoy gardening, hiking, family bike rides, skiing, and traveling.  


Box of Balloons is a mission that is close to my heart; I believe that every child deserves a day to feel celebrated, just for being their amazing self.  I love that volunteering with Box of Balloons allows me to help families in this community celebrate their child on their special day and that I can have my young kids be involved in this act of kindness.  


My favorite way to celebrate birthdays in my own family is by decorating the bedroom door overnight.  The joy on their faces in the morning makes everything feel lighter.  I hope to continue to spread more smiles and joy to local families through birthday boxes.  

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