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Join the team nearest you

To get started, click on your state to see if there is a chapter near you!  


Next, complete the volunteer sign up form.


You will be contacted by the chapter leader shortly after the application is received!

What works for you?

By signing up to volunteer, you will be added to an email list to receive B.O.B updates, as well as notifications when there is a birthday party request to fulfill. It is then up to you to decide if you are able and willing to help with any of the asks at that time. It is only by your choice that you act.  


When you see a birthday request come through your inbox from your chapter leader, simply click on the link to the 'sign-up' form and decide if your able to help by fulfilling any of the needed items! 

Give Joy!

This is the best part!  If you decided to help with a box, you simply purchase or hand make the items you signed up for and drop them off at the designated drop-off spot you'll find on the sign-up genius!

Easy Peasy!

What in a birthday box? What do I sign up for?

For each birthday request, you will be given the following information: 

  • The birthday boy/girl's name and how old they are turning

  • The chosen party theme

  • The chosen party color scheme

  • The birthday gift requested to be given by the guardian/parent 

  • The drop-off location and deadline

  • A list of the following seven items to sign up to fulfill

  • The option to Build - A - Box (purchasing all items and decorating the box) or the option to donate one or more items (this option varies per chapter leader in your area

These seven items are placed in an 18" x 12" x 12" box and are delivered to the birthday boy or girl!  


All of the following

Paper Plates


Paper Cups

Plastic tablecloth


All of the following



Curling Ribbon


DIY Decorations

Ideas include:

Themed decor, Banner, Party Printable --can be anything you want, be creative!

All of the following:

A party favor/goodie bag to be given to all the of party guests (at least 6)

Party Favors


All of the following:

A party game or activity and ALL needed supplies and instructions.

All of the following:

12 cupcakes and one box of candles.


Birthday Gift

All of the following:

Gift for child, gift bag, tissue paper & birthday card--will be given from parent so leave unwrapped!

Not a fan of regular emails, and want to just fill a whole box on your own?


Connect with a local chapter leader in your area and tell them you'd like to Build-A-Box!

Once a box is available they will reach out to get you all set up! 

(Please note, this is around a $100 investment.)

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