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Waukesha, Wisconsin

Marcia & Caroline Wayer || Chapter Leaders

Hi, I am Caroline, a student at Catholic Memorial High School. My mom, Marcia, and I are excited to start this chapter. I have always loved my birthday and how it made me feel special. I know that not every kid has people with the resources to help them celebrate, so this is a little something we can do to make a difference and touch the lives of some kids in the community. I love track & field and am a former gymnast. In school, I really like writing and science classes. 

I am Marcia and I’m so glad that Caroline, my daughter, wanted to work with Box of Balloons. I am a Marketing Director for a local University and currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. I am married to John and our son, JJ, is in his first year of college. I think every kid deserves to feel special, on their birthday and always!

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