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Our Founder's Story

"Birthdays are special and worth celebrating because people are special. Every single person in this world has a birthday. Whether you are living with an abundance of resources or with very little every single person has a birthday that should be happy and celebrated." ~ Nicole Moll

Box of Balloons
Nicole Moll

As a child, Nicole's birthdays were extra special every year, complete with a theme, decorations, games, friends, presents, and a cake. She grew up with both her parents and two younger sisters in Wisconsin where every year they went all out for birthday celebrations. Her mother was a fantastic party planner and gave her and her sisters fun, memorable parties year after year. She and her siblings would start months in advance brainstorming and dreaming up the best, most unique themes for their birthday celebrations, and her mother would let them be as creative as they desired using their imaginations and planing out a party that was sure to be special.

Kids Birthday Parties

Nicole had a variety of elaborate party themes growing up including a horse theme, a luau, a geology lover party complete with safety goggles, gems, and hammers, a spa party, and more!

Her parties were always filled with love, laughter, and the feeling of “you are important”.

Fast forward to today and now Nicole is married and a mother to three boys.

Her boys are wild, energetic, and party animals! From their very first birthdays, Nicole would plan creative birthday themes with over-the-top decorations, sweet treats, and oodles of family and friends.

Each of her boys looks forward to their special day all year long, they dream up big celebrations and enjoy planning out games and favors for their friends.






One year it seemed like Nicole and her boys were in birthday party overdrive, attending a different friend's party every weekend. As she was driving her boys to one of the many celebrations on their schedule, it hit her like a ton of bricks when she had an epiphany of how many kids in the world do not get a birthday party!

Her heart broke when she had this thought. It was engraved in her values and beliefs that every single child should feel loved and celebrated on their birthday!

Knowing that all parents or caregivers can’t give their children a birthday party inspired her at that moment. As she contemplated the social strains many face and the massive income disparities in our society, she knew there were thousands of people with more than enough and huge hearts, who would be willing to help.

With that, the Nonprofit Organization, Box of Balloons, Inc. was born.

Nicole was on a mission to make sure every child was celebrated and each birthday was happy.

As a result of her efforts over the years, an overwhelming number of generous volunteers, donors, and businesses come together nationwide to provide birthday boxes filled with all the necessary party supplies for children in need.

What was born in Wisconsin has now grown to a mission impacting our entire nation. With 36 chapter leaders in 24 different states throughout America, our volunteers work with homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters, school districts, and more to give parents a box that is not only filled with tangible party supplies but also the hope and joy they may desperately need during what may be the most challenging time of their lives.


"Now as my children continue to grow and their wishes for party themes change, I not only share my passion for celebrations with them but also the importance of loving and giving to others, no strings attached. 

Just a simple box, filled with love and the grandest party to be had!

Happy Birthday, Friends!"

~Nicole Moll

Founder and Board Member of Box of Balloons, Inc. 

Author of the book, Box of Balloons

Owner of Greyley Wellness in Madison Wisconsin


Extreme birthday party planner for life


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