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Top 5 Summer Party Themes

Summer is here and in full swing! What better way to celebrate this much anticipated season than with a party. The best parties always start with a fun, unique theme and for summer there are the best ideas! Here are our top 5 summer party themes for kids...

1. One in a Melon

A watermelon party is not only unique but oh so fitting for summer. Watermelons can serve as a party snack as well as for party games. The colors for a Watermelon party are bright and easy to find this time of year. Making watermelon cupcakes or cookies is a fun project to involve your kiddos as well! This Watermelon Party from Happy Wish Company is juicy and truly One in a Melon!

2. Happy Camper

Camping is definitely a summer tradition for us and makes a fantastic party theme. Pinterest is filled with camping party game ideas, craft projects and delicious dessert ideas. For me though, who needs anything other than smores, they are so yummy. You can take this camping theme and turn it into a Retro Camping Party as well complete with a camper and pink flamingos of course. Here is one from Catch My Party that is the cutest!

3. Flamingo & Pineapples

Flamingos are all the rage this summer and abundant is almost every store. Pineapples add a bright summery color and a delicious party food. This party theme can be tailored to any age as well. Here is a fun one from The Southern Style Guide we love.

4. Shark

The party games for a shark party are endless! So many fun ideas for kids of all ages plus the snack ideas are adorable. Check out this shark party from The Love Nerds. The ocean water looks delicious and the sea urchins would be a great party favor.

5. Lemonade

Everyone loves a refreshing glass of ice cold lemonade in the summer so why not turn that into an entire party! Similar to the watermelon party, a lemonade party gives you so many options just with lemons. They can be used for party games, food and decorations. Building a lemonade stand with your kiddos would be a great pre-party project or even a hands on activity during the party. Plus this DIY lemonade pinata is a must from Oh Happy Day, pinatas are always fun!

Choose a theme and have fun partying this summer!

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