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As much as my kiddos love to open presents and wait patiently, scratch that…impatiently, for their birthday parties my mind goes straight to the “stuff”. I am not much of a sentimental person and I don’t like to store things for later so when piles of birthday presents enter our house my heart races a bit and my stomach whirls. Where in the world will be put all these toys! When Box of Balloons first came to fruition, I was researching other non profits and came across Charity Water. Charity Water is on a huge mission to provide clean drinking water to all people on this earth. They raise money and have teams of people drilling wells and creating clean drinking water systems for people in de

Throw back: First Annual Birthday Bash Fundraiser!

As we approach our 3rd Annual Box of Balloons Birthday Bash Celebration, we thought it would be fun to take a look at our first BASH that we hosted two years ago! To learn more about this year's Birthday Bash, which will take place on November 4th in Madison, WI, please click this link! "After nearly a year of prep and planning, in early November 2015, here at Box of Balloons we hosted our first annual Bash-Fundraiser at Horizon elementary here in Sun Prairie Wisconsin (our home base) and it was a huge success! We hosted over 275 people, and were proud to be sponsored by over a dozen local companies through funds and goods to be used to have fun for all! This included great music and dancing

A simple first birthday party

When planning a birthday party the easiest way to go about it is to pick a theme and draw from it for ideas regarding decorations, food, games etc. However, it isn't necessary. And when planning for a first birthday party, your child's interests may not be very clear yet, so it can make party planning a little more tricky. When I thought about planning my daughter's first birhday party, I thought about what it was going to be to me. Ultimately, it was a celebration for us having made it to ONE. She had gone through many trials in her short life and we were just ready to celebrate getting to one with a happy, healthy baby. There was a lot of reflection on the year past and so I knew, I j

Box of Balloons Bash!

Box of Balloons began in early November 2013 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. To celebrate, each November we host an annual fundraiser to raise awareness for our mission, to raise funds for providing birthdays for children in need, and to celebrate the way our volunteers have come together to be sure every child is celebrated. The Birthday Bash is a family friendly, themed party for our organization; just imagine your Pinterest party dreams come true! The Birthday Bash is promised to be filled with entertainment that will keep the family reminiscing about it for the entire year. We rely on community support in everything we do, including the Birthday Bash--we partner with several great businesses

1,000 Birthday Boxes Celebration!

In September 2017, Box of Balloons reached a big milestone! As an organization, we have filled over 1,000 birthday boxes across the country! To celebrate, our original Box of Balloons chapter in Sun Prairie, WI held a celebration at the Sun Prairie Farmer's Market. Families stopped out to enjoy cupcakes donated by the Golden Days Bakery. They were DELICIOUS and beautifully displayed on the Crazy Daisy Flower Truck! Children got Box of Balloons tattoos and enjoyed a visit from some firefighters from the Sun Prairie Fire Department. Thank you to all who helped with this wonderful celebration, especially the Crazy Daisy Flower Truck, Golden Days Bakery, Madison Reading Project, and Prairie Lake

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