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8 is Wheely Great!

We have been brainstorming 8th birthday party ideas for a few months now as my youngest has his birthday in May. He always appreciates a great theme and has been very creative in the past with a pickle party, a banana theme and a Dragon's Love Tacos party. This year he was pretty set on a 8 is Great circus theme with cotton candy, carnival games and The Greatest Showman movie. However since quarantine happened and we knew we wouldn't be able to invite family and friends over as normal creativity had to kick it into high gear. We changed the theme to 8 is Wheely Great and turned it into a bike party so friends could "bike on by" for a piece of cake and wish him a Happy Birthday.

As I scoured Pinterest for ideas I was surprised to find very few bicycle birthday party ideas. There were some dirt bike ones and BMX ones but not too much for regular bicycle. Also with not wanting to go into stores but instead using supplies I had on hand we really had to get creative. I used balloons from the Dollar Tree and my cricut to make the decorations. For party favors we ordered bike bells from Amazon along with bicycle tattoos. I used clear cello bags and yellow crinkle paper (from The Dollar Tree) in addition to pop rocks and blue glow sticks I had on hand to make favors for the friends who biked by. For some of the younger kids who have scooters I made handlebar streamers out of felt, ribbon and hot glue.

Using canva I made printable tags to go on the party favor bags and we had a cute yet functionable gift for friends!

Bingo is always a favorite party game in our house so I created a customized bike bingo game for the birthday boy and his brothers. Again I used canva to create this and made a few different cards. We facetimed in cousins so everyone could play virtually!

Our neighbor is an art teacher and wildly talented. She created this personalized chalk board sign for our bike parade!

Yes this party was different, yes we wish we could have had the normal big to do with lots of food, treats and party guests but it was still fun! Birthdays are not cancelled, we got creative and made lasting memories. 8 Wheely is Great!

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