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S'More Fun This Summer

Sunshine, swimming, playing and campfires all signs of the beloved summer season. Seeing my kids laugh and run on a summer day is the best. We try to pack as much fun as we possibly can into the three months of summer and this year Box of Balloons is here to help provide S’More Fun!

Every summer Box of Balloons hosts a family friendly challenge, a way to not only spread awareness for our mission a way to engage kids and families together for fun. This year we are partnering with the Department of Natural Resources to help celebrate Smokey Bear’s 75th birthday. We teamed up to celebrate 200 children in need, children who otherwise would not be celebrated. Sticking with this outdoors/nature theme for the year we invite you to join us for “S’More Fun This Summer”.

Each week Box of Balloons will publish a challenge, something to find, do or participate in for your entire family. You will have the week to complete the challenge, post a picture of it in our group and be entered to win amazingly fun prizes. This is meant to be a way for you to get your kiddos involved, introduce them to a nonprofit organization and share in fun memories. Box of Balloons is all about the simple joys, the small things that make a huge impact whether that is a dozen cupcakes for a birthday box or making s’mores around the campfire. Make memories, capture the moments and enjoy this current season.

As a parent I know how busy the week can become. The calendar quickly fills in, everyone seems to go in opposite directions and before I know it I am playing taxi driver. We wait all year for this summer season, we make a summer bucket list, plan family trips and stock up on sunscreen. This summer don’t let the busy take over, don’t just try to survive the week but instead thrive and enjoy the season with your kids. Join our S’More Fun Summer to help us spread awareness for children in need and make summer memories with your family. You can join the S’More Fun Summer Group HERE where you will find weekly challenges and updates.

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